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Key Events of 2012

Новости In 2012, the Manas Management Company was recognized as the best taxpayer and received an appropriate certificate for significant revenues brought into the national budget, and honest and diligent compliance with the tax legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Besides this, in 2012, due to a significant increase in the quantity of supplied catering, the In-Flight Catering Center purchased and commissioned the following process equipment: CONVOTHERM oven steamer (20 levels), ICEMATIC shock freezer, ICEMATIC ice maker with a hopper of 150 kg for wet ice, a dough mixer, a mixer, a food processer, a vegetable cutter and the entire set of kitchen utensils. In addition, the Company purchased and delivered a new, modern ISUZU-based catering loader from the Turkish company DENGE, a leading manufacturer of specialized airport equipment. In the same year, Bishkek hosted the meeting of the Heads of the SCO Governments (Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan, China, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia), whose aircrafts were served by the In-Flight Catering Center. The Center was honored for prompt and timely servicing of these aircrafts. Another significant event of 2012 was the conclusion of contract for the in-flight catering with such a global airline as TURKISH AIRLINES on the route Istanbul-Bishkek-Ulaanbaatar-Bishkek-Istanbul. On the part of the route Bishkek-Ulaanbaatar-Bishkek, catering is supplied for both ends. The first flight was served July 2, 2012. In December 2012, the Manas Management Company has fully performed its loan obligations to the Italian bank Mediocredito Centrale Bank (UNI CREDIT bank) according to the Loan Agreement signed November 27, 1998 for the amount of 10.5 million U.S. dollars.

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