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Dear partners!

Новости We are pleased to inform that JSC Manas Management Company purchased and started to operate new main deck loader Commander 40i with the 20 tons capacity and maximum lifting height of 5.59 meters.

This main deck loader is able to work with containers and pallets, different types of aircrafts with different size of doors. The conveyor system gives an opportunity to move cargo forward-back and also right-left. The additional sensor of aircraft height regulates the height of the bridge in automatic regime.

As you know, our company has already one main deck loader Windhoff with 14 tons capacity. Starting operate new main deck loader our company widen its opportunities to handle aircrafts effectively and fast.

With best regards,
JSC Manas Management Company

Прислал:Sgibnev  [15-08-2014 23:10:00]

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